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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


The best kind of education takes place in a community in which knowledge is examined and actively applied. One such learning community at HPU is the Psychology program in College of Liberal Arts.

During the academic year, the Psychology program conducts a monthly symposium series. Organized by professors Vincent Tsushima, Howard Markowitz, and Brian Metcalf, the series features mental health professionals who discuss a wide variety of topical psychological issues such as workplace violence, eating disorders, cross-cultural issues, stalking, dreams, and hypnosis. Each symposium regularly attracts a large audience, from 80 to 100 HPU students and faculty members and functions like a town meeting where members of the psychology community share up-to-date information about the program, hearing about student and faculty achievements, and sometimes just enjoy conversations in an informal setting.

Another way the Psychology program shares information is through its newsletter. Metcalf works with students and other faculty to fill each newsletter with current information about the field of psychology and important developments within the profession.

The Psychology Club at HPU has also been a driving force in building and maintaining this learning community. Currently led by psychology majors Stacy Lenze, Vanessa Andriotti, and Kim Nolan, the club has held a variety of intellectual, service, and social events, including some very successful picnics, “Movie Nights” with post-show discussions, and service projects such as “Sunday Night Dinner” for the Ronald McDonald House and a dance for the developmentally disabled. The Club has also organized and implemented the Peer Support Program supervised by Markowitz and visiting professor Dr. Margaret Koven. This outreach program offers interpersonal and academic support to all HPU students, extending the Psychology program’s sense of community into the greater University community.

On April 14, the Psychology program will hold its first-ever Psychology Program Conference, a half-day event for current students and alumni that will include sessions on topics such as “How to Apply to Graduate School” and “What a Student Needs to Know to Succeed as a Psychology Major.” The day will culminate with a dinner acknowledging and honoring student academic, service, and social achievements. The conference will be a great example of an HPU learning community at its best.

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