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by Kalamalama staff


HPU President Chatt G. Wright honored 40 new President’s Host on March 13 at the Waialae Country Club. Wright selected the newly inducted students to serve as ambassadors of HPU at various social and business functions throughout the year.

The induction ceremony was hosted by President and Mrs. Wright, and featured chamber music as the background to an extensive buffet that allowed the newly selected students, and the faculty and staff who nominated them, to mingle with current President’s Hosts, administrators, and other faculty and staff.

Administrators from Student Affairs introduced the Wrights, who then proceeded to personally welcome each student with a gift of HPU logo wear as they introduced themselves.

“ This is my favorite part (of the ceremony),” said Wright, “hearing all the presentations from the students being inducted.”

The ceremony concluded with a raffle for more HPU gear and photo opportunities for students with the Wrights.

The students were nominated by HPU faculty and staff on the basis of their achievements in and outside the classroom.

Then, according to Student Life’s Leadership Development Coordinator, Reid Kuioka, each student was interviewed by a selection committee in which “all had an equal part in the selection process.”
“ We collected the nominations/applications from the potential candidates,” Kuioka explained, “and then proceeded with a one-on-one interview with each nominated student, followed by a discussion of all the candidates.” After discussion, the committee members made recommendations for President Wright to consider on who should be selected as Hosts.

The process doesn’t stop with the induction, Kuioka added: “It is my responsibility to help provide opportunities for the President’s Hosts to showcase their abilities and develop as student leaders. So, hopefully, we can expand the potential of these exemplary students and increase participation.”

“ We are thrilled with the 40 new President’s Hosts,” said Marites Fiesta, the new dean for Student Life and First Year Programs. “We look forward to their many contributions to the HPU community,” she added, and “we appreciate the involvement of faculty and staff who continue to nominate outstanding students.”

At the fall President’s Hosts induction ceremony, former Director of Student Life Jenni Matheson said that over the past 22 years more than 900 students have been selected for the program.
“ Those selected best exemplify the spirit and diversity of HPU,” Matheson said.

The following are the new President’s Hosts:

Vanessa Andriotti
Jessica Berman
Patrick Branco
Jennifer Byrne
Jaime Chamberlin
Fanny Chu
Gabrielle Conway
Ashleigh Costanza
Sandra Doerfer
Razel Einmo
Guy Foster
Amy French
Ku’ulei Funn
Michael Gagnon
Danielle Gentzler
Autumn Goerts-Georgiev
Patrik Hjelm
Lynn Hughes
In Jang
Linn Kleppe
Thanawan Klinklom
Joseph Kourich
Stacy Lenze
Linfeng Li
Caitlin Macy
Whitney Masamitsu
Lauren Massa
Joshua Maynard
Melissa McChesney
Jed Monforte
Asako Nishikawa
Shoko Ogata
Nina Ribbat
Rachel Rojo
Hiroki Sato
Candace Shute
Irene Tong
Martin Valdez
Keita Yagi
David Yogi



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