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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


I am very please to announce that Hawai‘i Pacific University is launching a new graduate degree program in the natural sciences—the Master of Science in Marine Science—that will be enrolling students for the first time this fall. Under the leadership of Dr. Alissa Arp, dean of the College of Natural Sciences and vice president of research, I believe this high quality program in the sciences will raise the prestige and reputation of our University as well as add to the high caliber of the educational offerings at HPU.

This program is based upon the principle that excellence in science is achieved through active research programs that contribute to the scientific knowledge base. It will be a rigorous, thesis-based degree program that will involve students in hands-on scientific research.

HPU faculty within the College of Natural Sciences have traditionally focused on undergraduate instruction, but in the last five years the University has been fortunate to have attracted new faculty with active research interests and to formalize an affiliate relationship with the Oceanic Institute, a prominent international leader in aquaculture research with extensive facilities for marine science. We thus have a convergence of strong faculty leadership and a natural setting for a graduate program in the marine sciences.

HPU has invested several million dollars in Oceanic Institute so that the University can expand its scientific research capabilities and teaching opportunities. Our new M.S. in Marine Science program will allow Oceanic to expand its research mission into new areas of scientific inquiry, provide our scientists access to high quality graduate students, and foster increased collaboration and interaction between HPU faculty and Oceanic staff. This interaction will lead to the development of additional educational opportunities, particularly within the field of aquaculture, and will provide unprecedented experiences for our graduate and undergraduate students.

I am delighted that the efforts of Dr. Arp and the faculty of the College of Natural Sciences at HPU have created a master’s degree program that has tremendous merit and promise in its own right and that will allow our faculty to better educate our students, at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Overall, this new graduate program in marine science will advance the College of Natural Sciences to the next level of academic excellence. It will allow us to continue to expand the depth and breadth of the natural sciences and to attract highly qualified faculty and students. It is an excellent addition to Hawai‘i Pacific University.

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