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by Jermel Quillopo, staff writer


Proud To Be Pinoy, the Filipino club at HPU, partnered with the Office of Student Life to launch the schools first formal recycling program, the Green Campus Project, on March 9.

“ We are going to put recycling bins around the MP building as a startup,” said P2B Pinoy Club President, Julie Fernandez. “Hopefully we can put some on the other buildings and on the Hawai‘i Loa campus.” The club hopes to place bins to collect Hi5 containers that will be redeemed to buy more recycling bins for the school.

“ This is a self-funding project, and we want everyone to pitch in,” said Michelle Alarcon, P2B Pinoy faculty advisor and director of the Green Campus Project. Alarcon, an assistant professor of management at HPU, wanted to develop a project to “engage our students in implementing solutions to today’s environmental crisis starting from the simplest method of recycling.” She added that the project would help “educate our students and the public about global warming solutions and other sustainable development practices.”

In addition to a screening of the Academy Award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, starring former Vice President Al Gore, the event included entertainment by Kristian Lei, lead actress and singer of the European production of Miss Saigon, Randy Valencia of Night Shade, and HPU’s very own Joey Monforte, a TIM major who has performed at numerous HPU events.

“ I believe in global warming’s effect on the environment,” said Monforte, who sings in a soothing, acoustic musical style. “This is a great project,” he added.

The club organized a photographic display board to inform students about how global warming affects our sea level, local temperatures, rainfall patterns, agriculture, and weather events. The display also presented facts about recycling, telling students that if they recycle, it will help eliminate container litter, reduce resource waste, and reinforce recycling of other materials.

For more information about Hawai‘i’s Hi5 recycling program, visit www.hi5deposit.com. For more information about HPU’s Green Campus Project, e-mail Alarcon at malarcon@hpu.edu.



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