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by Dr. Brian Metcalf, director, Honors programs

For the past several months, HPU sophomore Carlos Uretta has been developing seawarriorhosting.com, a Web-hosting site designed especially for HPU students.

Uretta developed the Web site because he saw a “lack of people expressing their ideas on the Web.” With this Web site, Uretta said, students can advertise themselves, their families, their clubs, and their small businesses.

According to Uretta, the site is “run for the students by the students,” and is easy to set up. There is also a 24-hour support service that includes a “Frequently Asked Questions” link and live chat options.

There are three different hosting packages including a discount package for the first 10 students to sign up. For $1 a month: students receive a 50 MB Web space, 500 MB transfer, and unlimited e-mail addresses. For $2 a month (and up) a 200 MB Web space, 1000 MB transfer, and unlimited e-mail addresses. For $4 a month: The power package: 350 MB Web space, 4000 MB transfer, and unlimited e-mail addresses.

Uretta recently added a club package to the list for any HPU clubs wishing to form their own Web site. Five clubs have already lined up for sites, he said.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the students,” Uretta said.

Students also have a chance to make some extra money by posting commercial advertisements on their site. Anytime a Web surfer looks at your site and clicks on an advertisement, you profit.

Seawarriorhosting.com was released on Friday, Feb 16. Because the Web site is not affiliated with HPU, there was a restriction on sending a campus wide e-mail to students. For more information on how to get started, visit seawarriorhosting.com.




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