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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
The semester is almost behind us, the finish line is near! For me, semesters go by faster every year; for you, the long hours put in on research projects and term papers are coming to a close. With successful completion of finals, you will tally another dozen or so credits to your name that will soon add up to a university diploma. You can do it!

The challenge now in these last weeks of the semester is to finish strong. Many demands compete for our time and attention. Sorting out our priorities is critical. Make a list, do the most important items first, take small bites at a time, check those items off and move to the next one! Don’t forget to put some vigorous exercise on that list. A few minutes to get the heart rate going diffuses stress and gives us more energy for the tasks at hand (try this, you will be greatly surprised!). Lastly, add some quiet time for spiritual connection, prayer, and thanksgiving, and you will discover more peace, calm and direction to handle all the responsibilities that are your. Balance is the key to a strong finish!

Enjoy the journey…it goes by so fast!

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