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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
We stood together and lit two candles, one for Virginia Tech, one for our community here at HPU. We heard comforting words from the Psalms. The International Vocal Ensemble blessed us with an uplifting chorus. We prayed for the families who lost loved ones in Virginia. Lolan shared a song of hope, and we joined hands in solidarity with all who mourn and grieve.

Our prayers were that, with God’s strength, together, we can share light that dispels the darkness as we comfort one another and encourage each other along.

These were the events of our HPU service of prayer and remembrance on, April 18 as we honored the victims of Virginia Tech. A large card was available for everyone to write and sign their words of encouragement and strength. The card was available on the mall last week and will be sent to Virginia as we reach across the water with our aloha. Lord, may this never happen again!

On a lighter side, congratulations to those of you who are graduating! For many of you, graduation is the result of great sacrifice on your part and on the part of your family. That makes your diploma even more valued. The world needs the skills and gifts you bring to the global marketplace. The world needs the light you scatter with the fruits of your education. When you are honored, all of us are honored. Proudly carry the HPU banner of ideals and values in all your endeavors, and the global community will be lifted a little higher. We wish you God’s blessings in all that the future holds!

Have a great summer and rest up for what lies ahead.

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