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by Jermel Quillopo, staff writer

Web sites such as Myspace and Facebook have become popular among college students, and new sites are opening which focus entirely on the college students. Collegehotlist.com, a new networking Web site, launched at the end of February, is one of these.

Anyone can become a member of Myspace and Facebook. Myspace experienced problems with children becoming members; it now allows children under the age of 18 to join the site. Collegehotlist.com is exclusive to students of approved colleges and to become a member, students must have a valid college e-mail address.

Connecting over 450 college campuses, the site is customized to keep its members informed about local campus life through its “Hotlists,” and helps students socialize by allowing them to post gatherings though a specialized forum. “Hotlists” are where students post feedback and rate various subjects such as where to eat, where to shop, and where the local night life is located.

Living up to the site’s motto, “for college students by college students,” Collegehotlist.com offers members the same interactive features as Myspace and Facebook, allowing members to share photos, videos, send event invitations, and organize their schedules though a digital calendar and instant messaging. Users can also share their personal opinions in chat rooms, message boards, interest groups, and other specific forums.

Collegehotlist’s “HotMatch” is a feature that automatically compares user’s ratings and interests with others, helping users make friends on their own campus.

Collegehotlist.com started with four friends—Gianni Martire, Chris Marabile, Jamie Rose Briones, and Andrew Savino—from New York University and Loyola College in Maryland. The friends were having a night out in New York City and sharing their frustrations because they had a difficult time planning gatherings with other college friends. They decided to take action by creating an easier and more efficient way to organize their college life.

Collegehotlist.com was first launched at Loyola College and New York City University. To Marabile, Martire, Briones, and Savinos’ surprise, their alpha site attracted more than 600 colleges in four different countries and was written up in many college newspapers and Business Week.
According to a press release, Martire said: “We’ve set out to create the most usable social networking site tailored exclusively for college students.” Martire added, “There has never been such a forum to help college students get the most out of their college experience…until now.”



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