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by Camilla Andersson, staff writer

The DeRussy Ballroom at the Hale Koa Hotel once again hosted the bi-annual HPU Honors Brunch on April 22. The brunch serves as the induction ceremony for HPU’s 16 Honor Societies, and the ballroom was filled with new members and their families and friends.

Dr. Brian Metcalf welcomed everybody to the brunch and then gave the podium to the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs, Dr. John Kearns, who congratulated the inductees on their academic achievements and reminded them that “the classroom is not the only place where learning takes place at a university.”

Kearns described HPU’s multicultural and international mix of students and described it, honoring the “brothers and sisters” that were lost at Virginia Tech in April, as a unique place where one can “make friends with their supposed enemies.”

After a moment of silence for the victims and an invocation by Reverend Dale Burke, Kearns introduced guest speaker Dr. Marc Gilbert, of the National Endowment for the Humanities and HPU’s Endowed Chair of World History. His textbook, World Civilizations – The Global Experience is in its 5th edition and widely used, and he is in the process of publishing a new book.
Gilbert remarked on the origin of our binomial number system and related it to our society today, explaining how such a profound invention still affects us.

After indulging in a mouth-watering brunch buffet, each Honor Society held an induction for its new members who received pins, honor cords, and membership certificates.





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