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by Marquise Brack, staff writer

On April 21, HPU’s International Chorale and Vocal Ensemble (IVE) performed their fifth annual spring concert Homeward Bound, at Central Union Church. The concert featured international ballads from Cuba, Germany, Hawai‘i, Ireland, Korea, and Zambia.

The IVE and International Chorale are both led by Susan Duprey, director of Choral Activities.
The theme Homeward Bound, included songs that represented home in one way or another. Lyrics sang about boys chasing girls around Ireland and embodied the characteristics of features associated with “home.” The choir rehearsed songs for Homeward Bound throughout the spring, and the concert was a result of their semester’s work.

Members of the chorale promoted the concert by performing songs from the event live on KSSK’s Saturday Perry and Price morning show at the John Dominis restaurant. The event was free.
The HPU Choir will also be performing a free event in which donations will be accepted and encouraged on Friday, May 11 entitled Moonlit Serenade, to begin helping fund the Vocal Ensemble’s performance in China, June 2008.

HPU’s International Chorale is composed of 30-60 vocalists, both undergraduate and graduate HPU students, faculty, and staff, as well as singers from the community.

Since 2002, IVE has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, and for the 250th celebration of Motzart’s birth in Austria. The IVE is composed of an elite group of 20-25 undergraduate and graduate HPU voices.


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