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by Jessica S. McDunn, University Relations


HPU Associate Professor of English Dr. Elaine Leilani Madison addressed the 2007 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) annual convention in New York City on March 22.

Madison presented “Negotiating Conflicting Identities: A Model for Nonviolent Classroom Communication” during the session “When Students are ‘True Believers’: Critical Thinking and Identities of Ideology.”

At HPU, Madison teaches Shakespeare, background to Western literature, and introductory literature and composition courses. As a result of teaching classical, biblical, and medieval European literature, she became interested in the question of the literary canon–what works a person must read in order to be able to understand the literary tradition of the West. Her interest grew into her current work on a book redefining the Western literary tradition.

Each year, the CCCC convention draws college faculty members from around the world to hear award-winning keynote speakers, attend presentations by colleagues on the latest innovations in education, and network to gain knowledge of best practices in the field.



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