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Compiled by John Windrow, journalism instructor

“In thinking about what I have read, the one aspect of the massacre that I’m puzzled about is why school officials acted the way they did—notified people by e-mail...? There was a two-hour gap between the first incident in the dorms and then the shootings in the classrooms; what were school officials doing during the time?”

“ I feel that schools, (universities, etc) should discuss what procedures should be followed if an incident happens on their campuses. It seems that more could have been done in those two hours...Perhaps it would be good to discuss what can and should be done in the event of another shooting (though one would hope it wouldn’t happen again.)”

-Jennifer Ching, Hawai‘i

“I can just urge parents to know more about their children’s lives. If a child needs guidance, the parents should be the first ones they turn to. Too often it seems they go to music and video that promotes hate instead.”

-Shane Sochocki,

“You think you know what people are all about, and you’d never imagine they would do something so unforgiveable.”

-Shephanie Villaruz

“I honestly have to say, after living in America, where many view themselves as the greatest nation on earth: please open your eyes and acknowledge that the people have a lot of work to fix a problem that essentially lies in the constitution of a nation founded on warfare.”

-Cato Gustavson

“ This story hits close to home because I am a second semester freshman at HPU. I am 3,000 miles away from my family, with whom I am very close. I couldn’t imagine the pain and hurt it would cause my family and others like mine, if something like this were to happen here. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it could happen here. Shootings seem to be so haphazard and unpredictable that one can never really know when a tragedy like this may strike again.”

-Pekina Singh

“The Today show interview[ed] a student who attended Columbine High School, and who is now at Virginia Tech. This student expressed how the media sometimes suffocates the families and friends during a tragedy by asking questions and broadcasting every vigil or service mourning the loss. The student asked that the media give the families and friends their space to mourn.

I thought this student was being honest not for Columbine High School or Virginia Tech but for any family that has had their tragedy placed in the news and were pressured to answer questions about the loss.”

-Krystal Choate, Hawai‘i

“The U.S. is an individualist culture unlike collectivist cultures in Asia and Latin America. The focus is on the individual, so people tend to think about their problems and feelings more than other cultures. This probably results in higher rates of mental illness such as depression. Most of the shooters who commit mass killings also suffer from some sort of mental illness. I would think you would have to have some sort of mental condition to kill so many people. No normal human being could do something like that to so many people.”

-Baylee Anzai



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