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by Kalamalama staff


First-year HPU graduate student Brandi Boatner was elected vice president of Advocacy for the 2007-2008 Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) National Committee by more than 100 delegates to the PRSSA National Assembly March 24 in Nashville, Tenn. Boatner will assume the leadership role June 1.

“ I am honored to serve on the PRSSA National Committee,” said Boatner. “I am also proud to represent HPU and the College of Communication on a national level .”

The PRSSA National Committee has the responsibility of managing the business affairs of PRSSA and mentors members who have questions, concerns, or interests in national participation, Boatner explained. The committee is comprised of 14 members, including the national president and immediate past president and seven vice presidents for Chapter Development, Member Services, Professional Development, Public Relations, Internships and Job Services, Regional Activities, and Advocacy.

As VP for Advocacy, Boatner is PRSSA’s official voice on diversity and ethics. She will work closely with the PRSSA Advocacy Board and vice president of Advocacy, implementing and supporting PRSSA’s Diversity Initiative, maintaining a subcommittee for assistance with advocacy issues, assisting chapters with local advocacy efforts, and pitching advocacy releases for PRSSA to national publications.

“ The incoming National Committee is in a unique position due to the 40th anniversary of PRSSA,” said Melissa Csuhran, incoming national president from Ohio Northern University. “I have full faith in the diverse future leadership to continue current initiatives, implement new ideas.”

Boatner is president of the PRSSA chapter at HPU. As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, she moved to Hawai‘i to pursue her master’s degree after finishing her undergraduate career in Dortmund, Germany. Prior to Katrina, she was a public relations major at Loyola University, New Orleans. She is an active member in the alumnae chapter of her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and the Honolulu Panhellenic Alumnae Association (HAPA).



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