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by Alicia Kubert, student writer
The Associated Students of Hawai‘i Pacific University, better known as ASHPU, is HPU’s undergraduate student government. ASHPU, like any other student government, is an organization set up to support and represent the student body.

Each spring and fall, elections are held and students elect the council’s various representatives. So what does ASHPU do for you? Members represent not only themselves but they are also expected to represent the various demographics of the University, be it the residence halls, the downtown campus, or the sophomore class. There are over 20 elected representatives.

Although most people see ASHPU members only when attending Monsters’ Ball or other events, ASHPU does much more. ASHPU not only plans various events such as Benefit Concerts, Monsters’ Ball, Club Awards, and others, but it also focuses on student needs.

“ We are here for the students,” said Scott Smith, ASHPU executive vice president. “We serve the student body as leaders, supporting them and making sure every voice is heard; we take the student concerns, opinions, and ideas to the University and work to better HPU for the student body.”

The ASHPU mission statement reads, “We as a council strive to unite our two campuses through effective communication; between the diverse student body and RIOs (registered independent organizations): We will bring honor and prestige to the HPU ‘ohana by facilitating positive change and encouraging continuous involvement with extracurricular opportunities within the Hawai‘i and HPU communities” (www.hpu.edu/ashpu).

Their mission and goal is to serve the undergraduate student body, recreationally and administratively making the University truly a university for the students.

ASHPU encourages student input and suggestions “we encourage students to stop by our office and come to our meetings; we are always in need of student input,” said ASHPU Executive Parliamentarian Sean Brunett.

The ASHPU Office is in the Sea Warrior Center (downtown campus, BH Building) and the ASHPU meetings are held every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. in the Presidents’ Conference Room (downtown campus FS Building, 2nd floor).




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