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College, along with work and family, is the real world. It is full of decisions, juggling, challenges, and opportunities, just like with any aspect of life. When a student experiences difficulty in managing multiple responsibilities, assignments, and other demands in life, and falls short of minimum requirements at school, he or she may be placed on academic probation.

Probation means a testing or trial of your ability to meet academic requirements required by your major. At HPU, undergraduate students who do not earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average can be placed on academic probation; graduate students’ minimum GPA is 3.0.

According to the HPU 2005-2007 Academic Catalog, a student on academic probation must schedule periodic meetings with an academic advisor who will work with the student and monitor the student’s progress. There are specific restrictions regarding the number of credits a student is allowed to register for while on probation, and for good reason: ensuring a student’s success.

At the Center for Graduate and Adult Services, the Helping Hands Program is designed to do three things to assist students to be successful: Identify students performing below the University’s academic standards, assist students to identify goals and work on modifying behaviors, and assist students to create an “action plan” to prevent further academic problems.

Assessing a student’s personal situation is discussed and explored. Factors involving course problems that make learning difficult, personal issues that may have interfered with performance, institutional factors, approaches to studying and study habits, and other factors, including external expectations rather than internal motivation, are also focused upon in this program.

Strategies and techniques to enhancing academic success are described, including encouragement to attend CGAS workshops that emphasize study skills, test-taking skills, and other related items.
Helping Hands also provides information and guidance on resources available at the University, including personal counseling with HPU’s licensed counselor.



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