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by Dominik Kozissnik, student writer

As part of the class he teaches, Hotel and Resort Management (TIM 3110), Travel Industry Management instructor Dr. Mario Arnaldo encourages his students to think outside the box and develop new, exciting concepts that could change the hotel industry.

This year he offered an interesting challenge for the students to develop ideas on how to double income without simply doubling the room rate. The class formed four teams: Romance, Indulgence, Excitement, and JDLR (Just Doesn’t Look Right).

Arnaldo gave the students a chance to get real-world experience by using the model of a real hotel, the soon-to-be-opened Discovery Shores Resort, an 88-room luxury property on Boracay Island in the Philippines.

At the end of the spring 2007 semester, a panel of three TIM professionals named Team Romance the best.

“ This is the first class in my life where I not only got the chance to win knowledge, but also great prizes,” said TIM junior Dominik Kozissnik.

Romance, the team believed, would be a good way to increase guest spending while also increasing guest satisfaction. Based on the team’s goal, “to match the suite to the guest and not the guest to the suite.” The group focues on food, music, and decor as ways to individualize the suites in a romantic way, and they developed three marketing packages ranging from $100-$300 to be sold as romantic room upgrades, in addition to the regular room rate.

The students also developed a reward system to secure continuous booking of the package throughout the entire stay that included various treats such as romantic dinners and spa treatments.


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