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by Kalamalama staff

“Peggy with Love,” an HPU student-produced video on local watercolor artist Peggy Chun, has won a Gold Aurora Award, according to HPU assistant professor of communication Jacqueline Langley.

Langley was the instructor for the Advanced Video Production course that produced the film, which she calls “a love letter” from Chun, who is fully paralyzed by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The video was created by a team of students under Langley’s direction and with the assistance of Video Lab manager Mark Nitta. It explores Chun’s journey toward death through conversations with world-renowned expert on death and dying, Dr. N. Michael Murphy, who founded a pioneering hospice in Albany, N.Y.

The video is “a powerful documentation of Chun confronting death, herself, her life, and those she loves,” Langley said.

“ Peggy Chun is our teacher,” Langley added, “because her message is universal—someday we must all confront our deaths.”

According to Langley the Aurora Awards recognize creative excellence, originality, and the ability to engage audiences in films and videos produced by private and corporate individuals and groups, advertising agencies, and television stations throughout the United States.

HPU’s Advanced Video Production class has been recognized numerous times in recent years, including a 2006 Media & Partnership Award and a 2005 International Communicator Crystal Award for “First Shot: The Secret Submarine Attack on Pearl Harbor,” which premiered on KFVE-TV Dec. 7, 2005.


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