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by Norma Kop, CGAS

Being prepared for the fall semester 2007 means checking in with your academic advisor and taking advantages of the resources and tools available to you via Pipeline and on campus. The Center for Graduate and Adult Services (CGAS) can assist both graduates and adult learners. Please call (808) 543-8034 to make an appointment. Also, a walk-in advisor is available daily on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Individuals with a Student Visa (F-1) status can take only one online course per semester. Full-time status means a total of 9 credits (6 of which must be in-class) for graduate students and 12 credits (9 of which must be in-class) for undergraduate students. Failure to adhere to regulations from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Office may put your student status and your stay in the United States in jeopardy. Please comply with ICE requirements and work with your academic advisor to do so.

Below is information to assist you with your preparation for a smooth registration experience. The staff at CGAS looks forward to working with you for another successful semester at Hawai‘i Pacific University.

Basic Steps To View Your Degree Plan via Pipeline
1. Click on Degree Plan
2. Click on the Submit button after noting the
CURRENT TERM. Please do not change this Current Term.
3. Note the CATALOG TERM, which is the term/ semester you began your program, not necess- arily when you accepted HPU’s offer to attend here.
4. Write down the CATALOG TERM and basic in- formation.
5. Click on the command CURRENT DEGREE PLAN on the bottom of the text.
6. Enter the CATALOG TERM by using the drop down menu. Click Submit.
7. Click Submit again after you see DETAIL RE- QUIREMENTS.

Right click on the mouse to print your degree plan. Everything Y means “yes” or completed. Everything N means “no” - not completed. Please note that prerequisites are not listed on this degree plan. To know your pre-requisites (MBA students should contact their academic advisor), visit HPU’s Web site at www.hpu.edu, select Academics, then Academic Catalogs, version 2005-2007. Scroll to pages 271-369 for course descriptions and prerequisites. Note this information onto your hard- copy degree plan.

Selecting a Specific Section of a Course
You can view sections and locations of classes via our Web site: www.hpu.edu/courses

Web Registration
If you’ve paid your deposit to register, or accepted your financial aid award, you should receive a time ticket e-mail notification. This ticket is likened to an invisible pass to register. Please check your e-mail regarding your status. If you’ve any questions, contact CGAS’ registration at 544-0279. Be prepared to provide your full name and HPU Student Identification Number @ Via Web registration, should you receive an error message, your advisor will need you to copy and paste that message, and e-mail that message to your respective advisor. Your advisor will then notify you on the progress of your registration request.


Enhance your Educational
Experience Workshops

EEE Workshop Series offered by the
Center for Graduate and Adult Services

Workshop I: Personality Profile – Who I Am and How I Learn
Date/Time: Wed., Oct. 3, Noon - 1 p.m.
Presenter: Staff. Location: TBA
Personality affects learning style. This engaging workshop can help you maximize your learning resources and improve your success.

Workshop II: Computer Skills – Microsoft Applications
Date/Time: Mon., Oct. 22, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Presenter: Staff. Location: TBA
Review basic skills in Word, Excel, Power Point and Excess, and learn some advanced features in Microsoft.

Workshop III: Study Skills – Public Speaking
Date/Time: Tues., Nov. 13, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Presenter: Staff. Location: TBA
Improve your effectiveness as a public speaker and build your level of confidence and credibility.

Workshop IV: CS and I: Prospects in the Field of Computer Science
Date/Time: Wed., Dec. 5, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Presenter: Staff. Location: TBA
What’s taught in the area of computer science? How is it related to future career choices?






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