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by Hannah Beach, staff writer


Fort Street Mall was lined with students at colorful booths as clubs vied for the attention of students at HPU’s Club Carnival. Nearly every booth had something to catch people’s attention: balloons, flags, candy, pictures of past events, native costumes, posters, or games for students to play. The Japanese Association’s game of “fishing” included catching a “fish”(an envelope) filled with candy and a phone card.

Overall, 43 student clubs were represented ranging from one of the oldest—the Swedish Student Association—to two of the newest clubs: the Apple Club and the Sustainability Club, which offered yogurt and water served in biodegradable cups, plates, and silverware.

“ [Our] main goal is to make HPU a more balanced community,” said club founder, Mike Davis, who pushed for the windward campus to begin a recycling program and began the Sustainability Club this summer. The organization now is looking for people interested in helping our environment. There are no club fees for the Sustainability Club, Davis said.

Eric Thornburg, the founder of the Apple Club encouraged students to join.

“ I’ll fix your Mac, or try to,” said Thornburg.

The Apple Club is free, and owning a Mac is not required. Its meetings are on the last Saturday of every month from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Thornburg is working on getting a classroom on the downtown campus. At meetings, members will learn how to use their Macs, play with Wii, watch movies, and get tech support. The club offers new members a chance to win one of three free iPods.
The Swedish Student Association enticed students with a Bar-B-Q dinner, an annual ‘80’s party, and the famous, annual Scandinavian Christmas Party.

“ We just have a lot of fun,” said member, Martina Melin. “Fun people, good events, everyone is happy, great spirit,” she added.

“ We’re the best club,” added Alexandra Yllo, another member. Students don’t necessarily have to be Swedish to join.

“ A lot of people from anywhere [join],” said Melin.

Club Carnival was not just about the clubs. It was also a pep rally, and the HPU band performed a selection of songs which included “Broadway.” The cheerleaders also performed along with Sharky, the HPU mascot.

This is one of two club carnivals held each year, at the beginning of every semester. If you couldn’t make it, or you would like to find out about clubs that were not represented, visit www.hpu.edu and click on Student Life.


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