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by Samantha Black, staffwriter


Artistic creativity is what makes us indiviually unique. We have all known someone who could read a textbook and be able to recite word-for-word what they read.Then, there are the people who try to recall the information during an exam by remembering the charts or graphics. I am someone who needs the aid of visuals; my life does not function without art.

HPU is known for “educating for diversity.” Students come from all 50 U.S. states and more than 100 countries. In classes, we are exposed to different perspectives from all over the world. As a transfer student, I can tell you that at my last university a political science class did not have the same meaning as it does here, and this difference is simply because of diversity in the classroom. I have learned more about different cultures at two summer sessions here, then I did in a year and half at San Diego State.

Diversity enlarges HPU’s learning environment. But what about the art? What about the other side of the brain? The left side of our brain, which governs the rational, right side of our bodies, grows in our environment, encouraged by intimate settings and personal attention from our teachers.

How do we stimulate the right side of our brain that rules the left side our bodies, which govern our emotional and creative instincts? Currently, there is no art department at HPU. The seven undergraduate art classes offered are not part of any major or minor. We have art history classes, but again that is not a degree offered that we can earn in any kind of applied or fine art.

If HPU would like to promote a well-rounded education, our campus should establish an art department. Even now, the art classes offered aren’t at any of our campuses, they are taken at the Academy of Art in Honolulu. I looked at all the universities I could have attended, and I chose HPU because of the small class sizes, the diversity, and the staff. While other schools on O‘ahu are lacking in these aspects, they have large art departments.

Art can tell a story; it can help to develop a sense of creativity and allow students to express themselves. We could have the next Dorothea Lange or Salvador Dali roaming our campuses, and they may never know it because they were never given the chance to pursue a passion in the arts.
Our campus may have artistic potential just waiting to be discovered!



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