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by Franziska Roessy, student writer

Members of the HPU debate team argued the Superferry controversy in their first intermural event of the year at Don Ho’s, in the Aloha Tower Market Place, Sept. 26. Two teams of two debators each participated in a limited-preperation debate in which each team has five minutes to prepare on a topic and then present a speech. The parties take turns until each team member has spoken.

Communication graduate student Matthew Talley defended the Superferry, arguing that the new mode of transportation opened 300 new jobs to Hawai‘i residents and that keeping the Superferry from sailing will “irreparably hurt the economy.” His teammate for the event, freshman Summer Cavasso, agreed. “The issue over the Superferry will either make or break the business economy of Hawai‘i.”

Arguing against the Superferry were freshmen Craig Ursuy and Cody Corvallis. Ursuy attacked the Superferry, saying that costs to ride it will change unpredictably due to the fuel surcharges which vary monthly. Corvallis added that increased traffic and delays will result from Superferry unloading. Both team members stressed the danger of transferring invasive species from one island to another. Both insisted that it would be “detrimental to the ecosystem.”

Following the debate, team members’ light- heartedly discussed what had just happened. When asked what he thought about his speech, Ursuy replied: “There is always room for improvement.”
Corvallis added that being a member of a debate team keeps one aware of what is going on in society.

Team members Talley and Cavasso said that being on the debate team allows them to think on their toes and take a stand for something.

“ We care about local issues.” Talley said. “Debate doesn’t have to be removed from what you see and do everyday.”

The debate team meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m. Debate coach Tom Dowd and assistants Debra Pruitt and Ian Van Hoose encourage all interested students to attend.

For information, e-mail tdowd@campus.hpu.edu.


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