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by Norma Kop


Life as a graduate student at HPU is exciting, and the folks at at the Center for Graduate and Adult Studies hope your fall semester is going well and that you are having lots of opportunities to meet and network with other students, faculty members, as well as people in the larger community.

That last is where GSO comes in, the Graduate Student Organization, which provides opportunities for graduate students to meet other people and companies, gain professional experience, and get the most out of your time as a graduate student. Last year, GSO coordinated a blood drive with the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i, conducted a visit to Shriner’s Hospital, as well as the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life,” three academic seminars, workshops, career fairs, and two company visits.

Throughout the semester, GSO will be organizing outdoor activities, networking events, professional seminars, and service-learning activities.

GSO begin the year with the New Student Orientation, followed by its traditional picnic and a booth at Club Carnival.

For the first week in October, GSO invites students on a business tour at the Atlas Insurance Company and public service visit to Shriners’ Hospital for Crippled Children. These and other activities are meaningful ways to learn of our community, give of our time and attention to children in need of medical help, meet other graduate students, as well as professionals in business.

These events, plus year-round social events, are offered so that students may build relationships within the HPU community and beyond, network with other graduate students and working professionals, create new opportunities for personal and professional growth, and most importantly, have fun!

Visit GSO at www.gso-hpu.com for regular updates of activities, events, and meetings.



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