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by Becca Lopez, Residence Life coordinator

Some 200 students live in HPU resident halls on the Hawai‘i Loa campus (HLC), where the beautiful scenery provides a calm, serene environment that some residents sometimes find too quiet.

To relieve the quiet, Residents’ Activities Council (RAC) creates and funds stuff for residents to do, on and off campus. The RAC is comprised of five students who meet weekly to discuss and plan events.

RAC activities range from ice skating, to trips to the Dollar Theater, to tours around the island, or a nice dinner in town. The sign up sheets for the events have filled up quickly, and each event has averaged about 45 students.

“ RAC is very important to the pulse of the residence halls,” said Martin Valdez, a resident advisor. “It enables students to be a part of event planning for the campus,” Valdez continued, “and gives them a budget that allows them to explore parts of the island where a lot of residents wouldn’t be able to go on their own.”

RAC has also created some campus traditions. “Super Halls” involves competition among the residence halls for points toward the title, awarded each spring, of Super Hall Champion. Activities include events such as the upcoming Halloween competition, “Haunted Halls,” in which residents decorate their hall in an attempt to win the top prize, awarded by Student Affairs staff judges, for being the most “spooktacular.”

Haunted Halls is scheduled for Oct. 30 this year, and the campus is already buzzing with ideas to win the competition.

“ I can’t wait for Haunted Halls!” said Beth Muaina, director of Residence Life. “It is my favorite event of the year! The residents get so creative. It is wonderful to see them engage themselves in such a fun event.”

Students interested in participating in the Haunted Halls this year should call the residence Life Office on the Hawai‘i Loa campus, 236-3540.




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