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by Camilla Andersson, staff writer

Bestselling author Meg Cabot just released her second book about the always talking, but oh so sweet Lizzie Nichols and her adventures with friends in New York.

Queen of Babble is the perfect reading for any girl in her late teens or young adulthood. Not only does the main character Lizzie pulls off situations many girls would freak out even thinking of, like getting up, by herself, at a wedding, when the lead singer of the band is missing, and singing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. She is also so adorable, sweet, and genuinely caring about people that, as a reader, you really want her as your real-life friend.

In the first book, we get to follow Lizzie when she takes off to England for the summer to visit her boyfriend. He ended up not being what Lizzie imagined. Instead of an aspiring teacher, he turns out to be a gambler collecting unemployment even though he’s working. Not quite Lizzie’s style. She leaves for France where her best friend is about to spend the summer with her own boyfriend and another friend who owns a chateau and vineyard. The crushed Lizzie sits down on the train to France and babbles the whole messiness about her failed relationship to a stranger who later turns out to be no stranger at all…. You’ll have to read the book to know more.

In the second book, Lizzie moves to New York. No apartment and no job, but a prince charming (literally) who resolves her housing situation, and she is determined to get a job restoring wedding gowns, because she has a degree in fashion history. Well almost. She just has to have her senior thesis approved first, but technically she has her degree. Well sort of.

In New York, though, getting a job turns out to be harder than Lizzie expected, but she refuses to give up on her wedding dress restoration dream, and in her usual babbling way, promises to work for free in a small wedding gown store.

With friendships and relationships falling apart around her, Lizzie’s fear of failure in New York grows stronger, but in ways unimaginable, she turns the most complicated situations to her own benefit.

Novelist Cabot has readers at all ages, with the youngest ones adoring the well-known The Princess Diaries (also a Disney movie), and the more mature ones jumping at every piece of fiction she puts out. She attracts this wide range of readers, she says, because “I write what I like to read—funny, sexy novels…with maybe a little bit of bite.” Cabot also thinks that the characters in her book are easy to relate to since they “aren’t perfect (like their creator), and know it, and [they] confront their slightly-out-of-this-world problems realistically, but always with a sense of humor!”
So, for anyone who is ready for a late-summer novel, pick up the Queen of Babble. It will leave you with a smile and a warm summer breeze in your heart.


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