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by Andrea Telenko, student writer

Mission Houses Museum is looking for volunteers. The museum, established in 1920, was founded by the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, a group that focuses on helping children learn history.
The museum is downtown in Honolulu’s Capitol Cultural District at 553 S. King Street. Its main attractions are three restored 19th-century houses exemplifying life in Hawai‘i from 1820-1863. There is also a research library open to the public as well as a shop with gifts and books, and a tearoom.

This private, nonprofit organization is funded solely through admission fees and donations and needs volunteers to help with its everyday and holiday season events, including craft fairs, artifact exhibitions, and walking tours.

“ Volunteers will come in handy,” said Kula Raquedan, Mission Houses Museum’s volunteer and tour coordinator. No experience is necessary, she added, and training takes less than a day.
“ I understand the students’ schedules,” Raquedan said. “Any hours, one or two or five, I just prefer to have a schedule.” Volunteers will be asked to help out with special events and to fill positions on any given day. Work is needed in the library, museum shop, historic houses, or as docents for school tours.

This is an opportunity for students to network with the museum’s permanent staff and to create valuable connections.

“ It helps on their résumé,” Raquedan said.

Raquedan expects history majors to be the most interested in the museum, as well as any students who have community services requirements. She is especially looking for volunteers for the Nov. 24 and 25 Holiday Craft Fair and the special exhibit, Playthings: Toys and Games, which starts Nov. 30 and will showcase toys from the 18th and 19th centuries.

For information call Raquedan at (808) 531-0481 ext. 707, or e-mail kraquedan@missionhouses.org.



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