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by Erika Haslup, student writer


Who knew future CIA members might be found here at HPU? On Sept. 26, HPU students had an opportunity to learn about the Central Intelligence Agency at an information session presented by the Career Services Center.

The session featured three speakers from different branches of the CIA. Joe Dorsey discussed the National Clandestine Service; Annabel Shaeron discussed the science and technology aspects of the CIA; and Michael Mau, the Agency’s West Coast Regional Recruiter, discussed the analytical opportunities for CIA operatives.

Career Services Center’s Director Lianne Maeda believes that such information sessions are important for all students at HPU.

“ [Students’] perspectives are broadened,” Maeda said, “ about questions that may be difficult to answer from company or organization literature or Web page,” she added.

“ The most important aspect of an information session,” Maeda continued, “is the physical or human interface that enhances a student’s ability to market them far better than just depending on a résumé.”
In addition to students becoming more informed about postgraduation jobs, the CIA recruiters discussed programs and internships available for undergraduate and graduate students. Senior Courtney Menard, an international relations major who thought, before the session, that she would have to get a graduate degree to work for the CIA, was excited to discover that graduate school was not a requirement.

Senior Kim Harkins, a history major, also found the CIA’s Information Session to be very insightful.
“ I’ve always had an interest in foreign travel, and the CIA seems like a good path,” said Harkins.
The CIA is not the only organization that holds information sessions at HPU. Maeda said the FBI, Walt Disney World, Merrill Lynch, Hilton Hotels, the Marriott, and New England Financial already have or will have information sessions this semester.

Students can find out about these sessions through their Pipeline accounts or by accessing the Career Services Center’s Career Events Calendar. Maeda said the calendar is available online, or hard copies can be picked up in the Career Services Center, and she reminds students to continually check for updates.

“ This document is very fluid and changes all the time,” Maeda said.

Maeda also advises students to sign up early as spaces fill up quickly.



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