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by Ikena Du Pont
In a survey of 100 HPU students, Sandy Beach topped the list as the best beach to visit O‘ahu.
“ Sandys,” as it is called locally, is known for its heavy shorebreak and dangerous waves. To first time visitors,and even experienced beachgoers, the strong currents can be intimidating.

Located on the south east coast of O‘ahu between Koko Head and Makapu‘u, this sandy shore stands out as it is surrounded by lava to the left and right.

“ I enjoy going to Sandy Beach because I don’t like rocky beaches that will scratch my skin,” said HPU student Jermel Quillopo.

“ I like to bodyboard on the soft sands of Sandys. It keeps me from getting cut,” she added.
“ It’s not a place where you just lay around,” said journalism senior Luke Massirio. “I like going there because the waves are powerful and its fun.”

Sandys is not just a place to bodyboard. To the left of the sandy area is a surf spot. Surfers can ride incoming waves over the shallow reef until they reach the area body boarders normally surf.

The question in the survey was, “What is your favorite beach to go to on O‘ahu?” Sandys topped the list with 23 votes, Ala Moana and Makapu‘u were very close with 20 and 18 votes, respectively. Waikiki received 14 votes, and seven people voted for Sherwoods.

Number two on the list was Ala Moana, the closest beach to HPU’s downtown campus.
“ Ala Moana Beach is a great place to lie out and relax,” said freshman business major Megan Amistoso.

“ It is a great place for sun tanning, swimming, and family picnics.”

Popular surf spots at Ala Moana include Bowls, Rock Piles, and Kewalos. Bowls and Rock Piles are located to the left of Magic Island and Kewalos is to the right side of Ala Moana

“ I think Kewalos and Bowls are great places to go out and surf,” said Christina Failma, a junior advertising major.

The next favorite HPU beach is north of Sandys and is located directly across the street from Sea Life Park and the Oceanic Institute. It has one of the best scenic views on the island. Makapu‘u is a horseshoe of sand with a tall cliff to the right and Rabbit Island in the distance.

“ I love going to Makapu‘u,” said Michelle Shackelford, a junior journalism major.

“ I like the beautiful view of the ocean and the mountains,” she added.

Like Sandys, Makapu‘u is a great place to body board. The ride is a little longer, the breaks do not start on the shore, and the waves are not as powerful as Sandys.

It’s cooler, too. The sun doesn’t shine directly on Makapu‘u in the afternoon because it is so close to the mountain.

Waikiki, probably the most famous beach in the world, comes in fourth, because it is right in the heart of the biggest tourist area on the island, and is usually filled with people everyday.

“ Waikiki is a great place to go if you like to meet new people,” said senior business major Gavin Conception. “It’s like it’s the gathering place on the island.”

Sherwood’s Beach, located in the heart of Waimanalo up the coast from Makapu‘u, finished the list at number five. The water at Sherwoods is very clear, and the fine sand makes it a great place to body board. Beginners go here to learn how to body board. Since it is not very deep, the bodyboarder can stand and get a push off into the wave. The soft sand creates a cushion if someone falls.

“ I always go to Sherwoods with my friends,” said junior justice administration major Danny Lee. “We usually go there to barbecue and play football because it has a big sand area to play on.”

To some people the beach is a place to visit for surfing and action, and to others it’s a place of relaxation. O‘ahu has many beaches to satisfy people who use them for many different reasons.
Also receiving votes for the survey were Waimea, Sunset, Pipeline, Kailua, Diamond Head, and Yokohama.

Photos courtesy Ikena Du Pont

A sand-slider slides into a wave and gets shot up almost 10 feet in the air. The sand-sliders would run down the hill and jump on their board after one wave hits, then they fly as the next wave shoots them up.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is the most popular spot on Waikiki Beach.

People enjoy the soft sand and calm waves at Sherwoods.

The tall cliffs of Makapu‘u stare over the blue waves and people on the beach.

Beachgoers play and lay in the sun at Ala Moana. Ala Moana is the place that people go to relax and enjoy the calm ocean.



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