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by Norma Kop


Want to increase your success as a student at HPU? Here are a few suggestions from fellow students and graduates who have been through the process.

Establish your credibility as a conscientious student in class by following these simple steps:

1. Be familiar with your syllabus which includes:
- test dates and due dates for assignments
- attendance and tardy policies
- make-up tests and late assignment policies

2. Since notebooks can be lost and, unfortunately, stolen, make extra copies of papers and handouts and keep them in a separate place.

3. Attend all labs, study sessions, or supplemental instructions programs associated with a class. Your grades should show marked improvement.

4. Turn in all of your assignments in a timely manner.

5. Ask several people in your class for their phone numbers for missed notes.

6. If you missed an assignment, ask TWO different people in class about what you need to do to catch up. Try to avoid asking the professor a question that could easily be answered by fellow students.

7. Professors are extremely busy people. Use their time and your time wisely and productively. Schedule an appointment with your professors and be prepared at these meetings by taking notes, bringing in assignments, handouts, etc. that you may have questions about.

8. Have a plan of action for your particular course. Also, have a contingency plan in case things do not go according to your original action plan.

9. Go for small victories, and celebrate when you achieve them. Be proud of your accomplishments and visualize the finish line. Finish strong.

With a proactive approach to learning, regular contacts with your support group of faculty, staff, including your academic advisor, and classmates, as well as staying focused on the ultimate goal of graduation, you too can become a more successful student.



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