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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
I’m excited about the clubs, organizations, and concerned faculty and staff around campus who are bringing to our attention the need to care for this great treasure of ours called Mother Earth.
The term that currently describes our stewardship (care-taking) of our planet is sustainability. The time to really get involved has arrived!

It is no secret that the world around us is changing. Energy prices are at their highest levels ever, the great glaciers and ice caps are disappearing at an accelerated rate, and rising atmospheric temperatures are changing weather patterns around the world and resulting in droughts, floods, and severe storm conditions.

Eco-consciousness, no longer the reserve of a few hippy types, has rapidly become the concern of all if we are to sustain an interdependent world where everyone has access to basic needs such as clean water, energy, food, and transportation.

A university community, like ours, can play an important role in heightening awareness of the situation and practicing a sustainable lifestyle that preserves the precious resources we already have.

Can we do it? Of course! I invite you to become even more informed so, together, we can all make a difference in caring for this beautiful world that God has given us.

Three simple words can get us started! Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Think today where these three words can help you to make good decisions about the resources around us—and the Lord is delighted!

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