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by Krystal Choate, student writer

Under the Same Moon tells the story of a young boy crossing the Mexico border into the United States to find his mom who left him four years ago with his granny. Under the Same Moon is directed by Patricia Riggen and written by Ligiah Villalobos.

The movie is in Spanish with English subtitles which made the movie seem real. The language added color and life to the Spanish culture throughout the movie.

Rosario, Carlitos’ mom, left Mexico in the hopes of becoming a United State citizen and reuniting with her son. Carlitos is nine years old but acts like a young man by taking care of his grandmother who is very ill. Although he is responsible, he is very upset with his mom. He does not understand why she left him in Mexico and believes she no longer wants him.

Early in the film, Carlitos’ grandmother dies in her sleep. Carlitos decides he can no longer wait for his mom. He plans to cross the border and search for her in Los Angeles. In Texas he meets Enrique, an illegal immigrant living in the United States. Enrique eventually befriends Carlitos and offers to help Carlitos find his mother.

When they reach Los Angeles, they search for the public telephone from which Rosario had, every Sunday, called Carlitos. Rosario had described the city block where the public telephone was located. They find it, and it seems, that Sunday morning, that Carlitos’ dreams were about to come true when the police arrive to arrest them as illegal immigrants. Enrique allows himself to be arrested and handcuffed inorder to give Carlitos a chance to escape and to returne later to find his mother. Enrique sacrificed his life in the United States for Carlitos, who had become like family.


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