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by Kris Howland, staff writer


Interested in going abroad? Want to eat churros in Spain or go surfing in Australia? HPU’s student exchange program offers these opportunities and more.

“ My goal is to link the study abroad programs to the academic programs,” said Dr. Jon Davidann, director of the International Exchange and Study Abroad programs.

“ We want the students to want to go,” he added, explaining that students should be able not only to enrich their global knowledge but also to advance their degree.

Study abroad programs are ideal for students minoring a language. Spanish and Japanese minors are currently offered and Davidann wants to add Korean and Chinese so students can receive academic credit for those minors while studying in the country.

Students are encouraged to travel during their sophomore or junior years while they still have general education courses to complete.

“ We have about 30 agreements with schools in these countries, and we are looking to expand our program in England, Korea, France, China, Australia, Am-sterdam, and Scandinavia,” said Davidann.

Students can apply for a one semester or a full year abroad. Davidann recommends the year program because he believes that when students submerge themselves in a culture, they come back completely changed persons.

“ The first question I ask the student is why he or she wants to study abroad. It is important that the student have an interest in the foreign country and keeps an openmind,” Davidann said.
For details about past programs, see stories pages four and five about student travel abroad to Mexico.

For more information about the two programs, visit the HPU Web site or call Davidann at (808) 543- 0811.



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