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Eddins gets his cardio exercise from running and from the exercise sessions. Every morning he meets a friend at his house about a mile away from Pearl Harbor. They run to Bloch Arena to run the morning program. Then they lift weights. Eddins then runs about a mile to his office. At 12:30 he runs back to the arena to conduct the afternoon session, and then runs back to his friend’s house to go home.

All exercises are done in sets of four. He starts with a light weight and does the exercise for 10 to 12 reps. After each set, he raises the weight about 10 to 15 pounds and does 10 to 12 reps.

Monday: Chest and Triceps

· Flat Bench Press
· Incline Bench Press
· Decline Bench Press
· Dumbbell Flies (lay back flat on bench, hold dumbbells with arms straight out to the side, bring dumbbells straight up until they touch)
· Tricep Push-Downs with “V” bar (use the “V” shape attachment and push straight down)
· Tricep Push-Downs with rope (use the rope with knots at each end and pull down fully until palms of hands are at your side)
· Reverse Triceps Extensions (use straight bar, grip bar with palms facing up and extend fully until knuckles touch thighs)
· Tricep Extension with dumbbells (sit in chair with back slightly arched; with the dumbbell behind your head extend arm fully)

Tuesday: Back

· Pull Ups
· Lat Pull Downs with straight bar (grab bar, pull down until bar is just below chin)
· Lat Pull Downs with “V” shape attachment (grab bar, pull down until bar is just below chin)
· Single Arm Pull Downs (use handle and with palms facing you, pull straight down until elbow is pointing directly at the floor)
· T-Bar Rows (straddle bar, put chest against chest,
grab bar, and pull directly upwards to the stop)

· Cable Rows with straight bar (place feet on foot rest, grab and pull bar until it touches chest)
· Cable Rows with”V” shape attachment (place feet on foot rest, grab and pull attachment until it touches chest)

Wednesday: Shoulders

· Military Press with dumbbells
· Military Press with straight bar
· Front Dumbbell Raises (stand straight with dumbbells in front of thighs, w/ arms slightly bent, raise one arm at a time until dumbbell is just above head)
· Side Dumbbell Raises (stand straight with dumbbells at side w/ arms slightly bent, raise both arms simultaneously forming a “T”)

Thursday: Biceps

· Seated Dumbbell Concentrated Curls Single Arm
· Dumbbell Concentrated Curls Seated Dual Arm
· Hammer Curls
· Preacher Curls
· Dumbbells using Preacher Curl Stand
· Straight Bar Curls (using cable machine)

Friday: Legs

· Leg Extensions
· Leg Curls
· Squats
· Calf Raises


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