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by Kalamalama staff


According to staff at the Center for Student Life and First-Year Programs, the Vegetarian Club at HPU is organizing an HPU teach-in as a part of the Focus the Nation educational initiative.

Club members are asking HPU faculty to devote a portion of their class time to incorporate the climate crisis into the context of their course material on Jan. 30 and 31. The purpose of the teach-in, according to club officers, is to raise awareness on global-warming solutions in hopes of creating a dialogue and between students, citizens, and the nation’s decisionmakers. Focus the Nation will culminate Jan. 31in simultaneous educational symposia held in schools across the country.

Instructors who are able to participate, or anyone who wishes more information should e-mail HPUVegetarian club@gmail.com.

For ideas on how to incorporate global warming into class contexts, visit www.focusthenation.org.



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