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by Makana Shook, Women's Life editor

“Being a new mother has turned my whole world upside down and nothing will ever be the same,” said Alicia Michioka Jones about her one-year old son, Brock.

As an undergraduate at HPU, Michioka Jones was a Kalamalama Business Manager and Student Life editor. In 2003, she won a second place Pa‘i Award for best editorial on medicinal marijuana.
Four days after graduating in 2002 with degrees in Advertising and Journalism, Michioka Jones was crowned Miss Hawai‘i USA 2003. For the next year she traveled, promoting the pageant and Hawai‘i throughout Taiwan, China, Japan, and the continental United States.

As Miss Hawai‘i USA, Michioka Jones worked with the MAILE AMBER Alert Program (Minor Abducted In Life-threatening Emergency/AMerica’s Broadcast Emergency Response). When her title year ended, she became the organization’s spokesperson and a board member for the Friends of Missing Child Center–Hawai‘i, which aims to prevent child abduction, facilitate recovery, educate the community, raise public awareness regarding child abduction and recovery, and support reunited families after abduction. Since its establishment in Jan. 1995, the Missing Child Center - Hawai‘i has facilitated the recovery of more than 500 missing children.

In 2004, Michioka Jones and her husband, Matt Jones, launched New Media Productions, which produces two shows: Losing It and the annual Hawaii’s Missing Kids special.

Losing It, the only local health and fitness workout show, is hosted by Jones, a professional physical trainer whose clients include Jordan Segundo, American Idol Season Two; JR Buenconsejo, hair and makeup artist; and various pageant winners, including Radasha Hoohuli, HPU Alumna and Miss Hawai‘i USA 2006.

Every 30-minute episode is shot outdoors in Hawai‘i and aims to make working out fun and easy, while using common household items and basic workout equipment in order to achieve a fit and healthy body. As new parents, the Jones’ will be featuring prenatal and toddler exercises this season.
Losing It will start its new season Jan. 1 on OC16, Monday through Friday at 6:30 a.m. and Saturday through Sunday at 7:30 a.m.

The annual Hawai‘i’s Missing Kids special started in December 2003 and exposes such situations as internet crimes and commercial sex trade. According to Michioka Jones, about 3,000 kids in Hawai‘i go missing every year. The majority of those kids are runaways who are promised a new life, expensive cars, and clothing.

“ Missing children in Hawai‘i is a topic that subconsciously parents choose to ignore,” said Michioka Jones, who recounted that when she was Miss Hawai‘i USA, kids naturally flocked to her for autographs or pictures. But now when she tries to raise awareness about this issue, parents are uncomfortable with their children approaching her.

Every year that the show has aired, John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted has helped with the promotional spots for the show. According to Andrew Pereira of KHON 2, this year Walsh was here in Hawai‘i for an America’s Most Wanted episode highlighting the murder of former Kaua‘i resident John Elwin, so he was able to take a more active role in the show with Michioka Jones.
The Hawai‘i’s Missing Kids special with John Walsh airs Dec. 15 on KHON FOX2.

Michioka Jones credits her successes to the education she received at HPU. Her journalism degree has helped her to write her own shows and scripts, while her degree in advertising has helped her to sell her shows.

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to the State of Hawaii Attorney General’s office, the MAILE AMBER Alert program honors both 6-year-old Maile Gilbert, whose 1985 abduction from her Kailua home ended in murder, and 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, whose 1987 abduction resulted in the establishment of the nationwide AMBER Alert by Dallas radio stations and law enforcement.

Alicia Michioka Jones with her one-year old son, Brock, at Aloha Tower Market Place.

Alicia Michioka Jones, Miss Hawai‘i USA 2003, signs autographs for the children at a Pearl City Christmas Parade.

Photos courtesy of Alicia Michioka Jones



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