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by Kalamalama staff


Geoffrey Moody has been selected to be HPU’s new director of the International Center, effective January 1, 2008.

Moody has a broad range of training and experience that makes him ideal to lead the University’s International Center. He has spent the past four years as director of International Admissions and as Institutional Promotion manager for the Asia Region at Politecnico de Milano, a leading European university in Milan, Italy. Through Moody’s leadership there, international student numbers rose more than tenfold.

One of his strengths is the ability to plan proactively, and this fostered an environment in which his staff recruited and processed hundreds of international applications every year, including the complex process of obtaining student visas.

Moody brings to HPU experience with scholarship development projects, international transcript evaluation, and the creation of promotional brochures and Web site content. At Politecnico de Milano, he partnered with the IT department on international student database projects. In addition, Moody has a great deal of knowledge about an issue critical to HPU, the Bologna Process. This is a series of accords agreed upon by European ministries of education.

His awareness of the Bologna Process will assist our efforts to respond to changes underway in how European students are funded for international education.

Moody holds a bachelor of science in biology and a masters in management and administration of education programs. Before joining Politecnico de Milano, he served as director of college prep programs and educational consulting services at Studi Internazionali, a service for Italian students interested in studying in the U.S. and Europe.

Moody has also worked with over 17 U.S. universities, including UCLA, UCSD, and Harvard.



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