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by Natalie Rook, staff writer


“It’s really cool to see the Pep Rally, Club Carnival, First Friday, and Chinese New Year celebrations all in one day,” said Chris Day, leadership and development coordinator from Student Life. The Center for Student Life and First-Year Programs sponsored the Club Carnival on the Fort Street Mall on Feb. 1.

Club Carnival is always the second Friday of each new semester. It is an opportunity for all of the student organizations on campus, as well as the cheerleaders, dancers, the band, Spirit Club, and athletes, to show what they do and recruit new members.

“ We do this primarily for students who are ready to or want to participate in the spring, and also for the new students,” said Marites Fiesta, dean of Student Life and First-Year Programs.
“ This is our HPU tradition; it’s part of who we are,” said Fiesta.

“ We have more than 50 clubs participating, roughly four independent vendors, and opportunities for students to get involved with volunteering,” said Day.

Students walked along the mall with its decorated tables to see if anything interested them. Rena Wiethaupt, an exchange student from Germany, said all of the organizations were different from at home.

“ We elect representatives, and they organize parties, and they represent students and fight for their rights,” she said.

However, Wiethaupt was interested in joining a club at HPU. “It’s very new,” she said. “I would love to join a club.”

Lasse Mortensen, a junior travel industry management major and member of Danish Dynamite, was trying to recruit new members. He was excited that the club had more than 100 members with those who signed up at Club Carnival.

In addition to the clubs that hosted tables on the mall, Club Carnival also included a pep rally with the cheerleaders, dancers, athletes, the Sea Warrior band, and the Spirit Club.
“ We can’t do without the four entities,” said Fiesta.

Keo-Jang Jeong, an exchange student from Korea was excited about the events.
“ The carnival is different than Korea’s carnivals. I saw the cheerleaders perform, and they were good,” he said.


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