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by Kalamalama staff


HPU Associate Professor of economics, Ken Schoolland, was awarded the Acton Foundation’s National Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education in an awards ceremony climaxing a two-day seminar Feb. 2 in Austin, Texas. Schoolland was nominated for the award by one of his students; finance major Xiao Yi from China, who accompanied Schoolland to Austin to receive the award.

“ Great teachers change lives,” said Acton Foundation President Rick O’Donnell, “by inspiring students to recognize their gifts and to learn how to use them to pursue a worthy dream. Ken Schoolland is one such great teacher.

“ We want to recognize outstanding teachers who inspire students to become principled entrepreneurs.”

Schoolland was one of 27 teachers from across the country to win one of this year’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Awards. Each winner is invited to attend a two-day seminar on entrepreneurship teaching and receives a $1,000 award and trophy.

Winners are also invited to bring with them one of their top entrepreneurship students. Students each receive $1,000 toward their education costs and participate in case discussions, lead by master teachers from the Acton School of Business, that put them in the shoes of a real entrepreneur.

All winners were initially nominated by students and then judged by a panel of master entrepreneurship teachers at Acton. In nominating Schoolland, one student said: “Professor Schoolland has been great at opening up opportunities for students to learn from real-life experience.”

“ This event is a celebration of teachers who are making a difference in their students’ lives,” said O’Donnell. “We are bringing students and teachers together to jointly discuss how to make business education in America even better for future entrepreneurs.”

The Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence is a nonprofit organization established in 1997 to serve both teachers and aspiring entrepreneurs. The foundation trains and inspires master teachers, equipping them with the courses and learning tools they need to help aspiring entrepreneurs.




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