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by Shane Sochocki, staff writer


“I’m living in the right time of the world.” said Hawaiian musician Craig Willers. “100 years ago I might have been chained to a bed,” Willers explained during his presentation to HPU psychology students at the first 2008 Psychology Symposium on Jan. 28. Willers’ lecture “Shattered Son: A Story of a Surviving Schizophrenia and Hope”

Willers, 45, is also a songwriter and DJ and uses his music to cope with his mental illness. In fact he played his own music as well as talked about living with schizophrenia to an audience that included faculty members, psychology students, and others interested in learning more about the illness.

“ It gave me a new viewpoint on schizophrenia.” said psych major, Ian Morris. “I thought this was a disease where you could not live a full life. I learned that people living with schizophrenia, on the right medication, can lead a normal life.”

Dr. Vincent Tsushima chair of the psychology program organized the event with the help of the Psychology Club and the HPU chapter of the Psi Chi Honor Society. The Psychology Symposium Series, Tsushima explained, was developed to allow students to hear and speak with experts on topical psychology issues.

Tsushima explained that “it is important for our psychological community to share and understand the life experiences of individuals. Understanding the journey of an individual is like going to a museum, reading a book, and traveling to a different land, but from a psychological perspective,” Tsushima said.

Willers discussed the importance of finding the right doctor as well as the proper medication, and he introduced his wife Mindy as his support group.

After the lecture, pizza was served while Willers answered questions and met informally with students.

The Psychology Symposium Series continues, Feb. 27, at 12:30 in the 1132 Bishop, Conference Room 306, with Professor Patricia Ellerson on “Who Makes Whom Jealous.”
For more information contact Dr. Vincent Tsushima at 544-1410 or vtsushima@hpu.edu.



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