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by Su Lien Teh, student writer

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and gray hair are synonymous with growing old. Some women flock to doctors for Botox, a wrinkle-eliminating protein injected under the skin, simply to rid themselves of these signs of aging.

Some, on the other hand, embrace aging wholeheartedly, and this was the attitude of the popular theatre production, Aging is Not for Sissies.

Written by Dr. Pratibha Eastwood,67, a psychologist by profession and author of Nine Windows to Wholeness, this play is about “real stories told by real women,” presented monologue style.

Eastwood said she hopes the play will expose the public to the wonders and issues of aging. “It is about giving these women a voice and what a touching and poignant voice it is,” Eastwood added.
The play came to HPU by popular demand, delighting more than 200 fans who were unable to get a seat at its last performance, according to Terry Olival, who wrote the press release for the performances.

Two 80-minute, no-intermission performances of Aging is Not for Sissies were staged at the Paul & Vi Loo Theatre on HPU’s windward campus Feb. 16 and 17.



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