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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
Every semester we are challenged to balance the various elements of our lives: schedules, exam preparations, financial obligations, and the real need for a social life are but a few. When so many things build up and come due, it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed and under-energized. Have you ever wanted to just throw in the towel and take time out? It happens to most of us. Where do we find our strength to carry on?

In one of the great stories of the Bible’s Old Testament, David, a young man, was picked by the Israelites to face in single combat a giant professional soldier named Goliath. The mismatch of all time!

David could have easily run the other way. Instead, he looked the giant right in the eye, used the tools he had available (a slingshot), and hurled a stone that brought down the mighty hulk. From this experience of facing the obstacle with courage, David went on to become the greatest king of all Israel. He didn’t give up nor did he run. He faced his challenge, and it became less scary. Above it all, he knew God was with him!

Like David, when we face our “giants” we are at our best when we look them in the eye and use the spiritual strength God gives us every day to meet our challenges. Next time you are overwhelmed, take a moment and invite God’s presence. I believe you will find strength to face any obstacle! Don’t forget you’re invited to visit our weekly non-denominational Chapel service Wednesdays at noon, at Warmer Auditorium downtown.

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