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by Kalamalama staff


HPU brings a stellar literary light to its Eleventh Annual Ko‘olau Writing Workshops March 8 at the Hawai‘i Loa campus Cooke Academic Center. The featured speaker will be Cathy Song, a local poet with an international background and reputation.

Song won the Yale Younger Poets competition with her first volume, Picture Bride, in 1983. The title refers to the practice of Asian immigrants in Hawai‘i of marrying women from their home country on the basis of an offical exchange of photographs.

Song, herself of Korean and Chinese descent, recounts, in her title poem the experience of a young Korean woman who leaves her home to marry a man she has never met. Details of the poem suggest that, now a grandmother, she was one of the first Korean immigrants to Hawai‘i in the 20th century.
Song was born in Honolulu and educated at Wellesley College and Boston University. She lives in Hawai‘i today and has published four other volumes of poetry: Frameless Windows, Squares of Light; School Figures; The Land of Bliss; and Cloud Moving Hands.

The Workshop is open to the public and begins at 8:45. For a donation ($20 general and $10 students), participants receive free breakfast and free drinks at lunch (bring your own).

After breakfast and the presentation of the eighth annual HPU James M. Vaughan Award for Poetry, Song will deliver the keynote address, followed by two series of workshops, one before and one after lunch. Sessions will be held in non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and scriptwriting.

The workshop is sponsored by HPU and the Hawai‘i Literary Arts Council with a grant from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.


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