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by Rachel Toyer, staff writer


The HPU Chamber Orchestra, Chorale, and International Vocal Ensemble brought HPU’s cultural diversity to life, and reinforced the theme of its annual Intercultural Day, with an inspiring performance of their own theme, Cultural Crossroads, April 18 at the Central Union Church. Under the direction of Dr. Teresa McCreary and Kala‘i Stern, their performances were a celebration of international music as the groups continue to ready themselves for their first trip to China in June.

The International Chorale and Vocal Ensemble began the evening with a piece from East Africa entitled “O Sifuni Mungu” and continued with music from Hawai‘i and all around the world. The International Vocal Ensemble, whose members include both undergraduate and graduate students as well as members of the Honolulu community, makes up the vocal core of HPU’s International Chorale.

The Chamber Orchestra under Dr. Teresa McCreary, director of Instrumental Music Programs at HPU, performed arrangements such as “Hoedown,” a piece from Rodeo composed by Aaron Copland. An arrangement from Germany, Suite in A Minor, featured flute soloist Franziska Roessy as well as violin and viola.

This is the chamber orchestra’s second year in existence and since its inception in 2006 it has doubled in size. Adding flute, violin, viola, cello, and double bass players with musicians comprised of HPU students and members of the Honolulu community.

The concerts were free, with HPU’s orchestra and vocal ensemble accepting donations for their trip to China in June. For more inquiries about how to contribute, e-mail Kala‘i Stern at mstern@hpu.edu or call the Office of Student Affairs 544-0287.



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