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by Melissa Mejia, staff writer
HPU’s Cheer and Dance teams captured national titles at the 2008 U.S. National Cheer Association and National Dance Alliance’s championship competitions in Daytona, Fla. on April 12.
The large co-ed cheer team won its sixth consecutive national title, and the small co-ed team won its fourth consecutive title.

“ It was surreal,” said Head Cheer Coach Garrin Gosnell when their win was announced. “It was very rewarding for the team because they worked so hard.”

The All-Girl cheer stunt group won first and second places in all national divisions.
“ Sharky the Sea Warrior” also placed second among all national mascot divisions.
HPU’s Dance Team captured its third consecutive title at the NDA.

Head Dance Coach, Mandy Pruitt, who is in her first year coaching the dance team, said that her goal for this year was to raise the level of dancing and do something even more exciting than last year.

“ I felt like the happiest mother of 17 children,” Pruitt said. “It was fantastic to see the team perform because they worked so hard, and you could see it in their performance.”

With the large and small Co-ed Cheer teams continuing to win consecutive championships, Gosnell said, the pressure to create new innovative routines each year is challenging.

“ With all the rules constantly changing each year,” Gosnell added, “it’s tough, but as soon as the competition is over we [the coaches] are coming up with ideas for next year’s routines.”
For photos of the championship teams and performances, see page 20.


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