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by Janel Foster, staff writer


Results from the fall elections for ASHPU are in, and altogether 13 newly elected officers are appointed.

Na Sil Heo was elected as Secretary, Crystal Bisquera is the new Representative at Large, and Kerk Allen was elected as Webmaster. Class representatives include Ryan O’Callaghan as Senior Representative, the Junior Representatives are Cheryl Oishi and Tim Lussier, and the Freshman Representatives are Miguel Doroteo and Asia Rikard.

These new officers will join the rest of the ASHPU and make up the 22-member student board along with two HPU staff members acting as advisors.

“ After this election, the staff still needs to fill positions,” Julian Hilario, ASHPU vice president said. He adds that, you must attend and be appointed at the bi-annual meeting. Qualifications include being enrolled as a full-time student, having a grade point average of 2.5, and maintaining both throughout the year.

At the bi-annual meeting on Oct. 8, all open position were filled. Martin Valdez is the new Senior Representative, Cato Gustavon the new International Representative, and Na Lim Heo the Windward Representative. Asia Rickard was elected as Fundraising Committee Chair, and Miguel Doroteo as Community Service Committee Chai.

The voting process for the actual election was done through eBallot found on HPU Pipeline. Students were able to cast a vote for each position from their homepage. The eBallot featured each candidate, and voting was reduced to point, click, and submit.

“ Voting was done online only,” Hilario said. “I think it was easier and more successful because you didn’t have to vote at school.” He adds that it requireed less paperwork because the ballots didn’t have to be counted by hand.

After the voting process was over and members were sworn into office, the board moves onto creating committees within the council.

ASHPU has set many goals for the 2008-2009 school year. They would like to be more recognized within the school and community. Hilario said, “The plan is to get our name out there by doing activities such as more community service, improving some areas around the school that need fixing, and supporting HPU at sporting events.” Adding to that he promises that this will be the year that everyone will know who we are.

Students can stay informed about what ASHPU is doing by attending meetings at 4 p.m. Wednesdays at Warmer Auditorium. Meetings are open to students, who can voice concerns and ask questions freely.

For more information, contact Hilario at jhilario@campus.hpu.edu.



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