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by Kalamalama staff


HPU students recently participated in the first-ever University WorldQuest, a team-based game that challenges participants’ knowledge of the world. HPU’s two teams of four players each competed against groups from University of Hawai‘i –Manoa, winning first and second place.

“ It was a phenomenal turnout,” said Daniyal Saud, coach and coordinator for the HPU WorldQuest team. “HPU teams were awarded a total of $600 in prize money and gifts,” Saud added. “We went in not knowing what to expect and won with a great lead.”

Students for the HPU teams were selected to participate through two student organizations, the International Affairs Club and the United Nations Club. The two HPU teams included:

Patrick Branco, majoring in international relations and political science
Jonathon Tyler Cade, majoring in diplomacy and military studies
Na Sil Heo, majoring in teaching English as a second language
Jenelle Lewis, majoring in international relations
Angela Lollie, majoring in international studies
Vikram Patterson, majoring in international relations
Iyar Mauricio, majoring in international business
Daniyal Saud, majoring in international studies and biochemistry

“ I selected students with various backgrounds,” Saud said. “Many were international and all were bilingual and had experience in traveling abroad.

“ Taking part in events such as University WorldQuest requires students to do a lot of work on their own without getting a course credit, so I felt it was important for participants to have passion, courage of conviction, and perseverance to achieve success in these competitions.”

Each team’s knowledge was tested by 10 multiple choice questions in categories including United Nations; Olympics: Hawai‘i Connections; current events/people in the news from Jan. to Sept. 2008; geography of Asia and the Pacific; world religions; and international humanitarian relief organizations.
“ WorldQuest has allowed students to gain valuable skills working in teams, researching topics, and developing leadership skills,” said Dr. Carlos Juarez, dean of HPU’s College of International Studies and member of the Board of Governors of the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (PAAC). “They also learned the tradecraft and techniques of diplomacy, making friends at other campuses, and gained experience that will help them in future careers with international organizations, government, and business.”

Juarez has been a past judge for Academic WorldQuest, a competition designed for high school students.

“ We’ve had the high school competition in place for several years now, and we decided to hold a similar game at the university level as an opportunity to bring students together from various universities in town,” Juarez said. “It was an easy thing to do since we already knew how to run the competition. It gave students a chance to connect and meet others with similar interests and foster international affairs education throughout Hawai‘i.”

Taking part in University WorldQuest is central to HPU’s mission to educate for global citizenship, allowing students to serve as ambassadors for HPU and showcase their knowledge and understanding of global issues.

“ The HPU students represented a mix of local, mainland, and international students, who have lived, traveled, and studied abroad,” Juarez added, “which in turn showcased our global-learning community.

“ The topics in the various categories,” Juarez continued, “were key challenges facing the world—politics, social, and humanitarian issues—and students demonstrated how they are prepared to be leaders to help solve many of these transnational problems.”
For more information about University WorldQuest, call or e-mail Juarez at 566-2493 or cjuarez@hpu.edu or Jill Takasaka-Canfield, PAAC executive director at ed@paachawaii.org.



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