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by James Dawson, staff writer


Public speaking is something that few people do, let alone do well. Kaylee Noborikawa is an exception. She is the new color broadcast commentator for the HPU Lady Sea Warriors volleyball team, joining play-by-play commentator Brent Curry.

Noborikawa played volleyball for HPU from 2005 to 2007. She was also the sports editor for the Kalamalama, but is now the Associate Editor. Not very interested in broadcast journalism, but having experience playing and coaching volleyball, she took the opportunity to report HPU volleyball games for KWHE TV 14 and KUMU AM 1500 The Team.

Noborikawa began her journalism career as a sophomore at Kaiser High School, and hasn’t looked back. Like many journalists, she got a thrill seeing her name on the page of a newspaper, and enjoyed the events and interviews that went into writing a story.

“ Journalism is something that I’m really interested in and getting paid to watch volleyball is pretty hard to beat,” said Noborikawa.

How does if feel to do a live broadcast? Noborikawa said, “I’m hardly in front of the camera, but just knowing that everything I say is live is pretty nerve racking. I tend to stumble a lot, but I try to improve with every game.”

Noborikawa would like to get her master’s degree in sports administration after earning her bachelors degree in journalism and visual communication. She hopes to create her own magazine one day featuring local athletes and become a sportswriter for a local newspaper.



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