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by Ercyscka Soliman, student writer

The Women’s World Festival, held for the first time in October, at the Hawai‘i Convention Center, was an opportunity for the Women of Our World 2008 honorees to shine. Among them were singer and composer Mihana Souza, pianist Dr. Elizabeth M. Ignacio, and martial arts expert in jujitsu Daynin Dashefsky.

According to Liza T.H. Yogi, founder and CEO of the Women of Our World, and organizer of the festival, “These women are individuals who are truly filled with kindness, patience, and love. They have made a difference with their love and commitment.”

Women of Our World’s mission, as well as the festival’s, is to honor women whose life achievement demonstrate creative talents, Yogi added.

“ I wanted to bring women and their families together to share with each other the joy of expressing and exploring creative talents,” Yogi said.

The two-day festival was filled with entertainment, a fashion show, cultural acts, and a silent auction for Hawai‘i Food Bank and its Food 4 Keiki program.

The festival also offered a wide range of workshops on topics including martial arts and self-defense techniques, public speaking, drawing, music recording and copyrighting, cosmetics, self-publishing, cooking, and voice techniques, according to Yogi.

“ My goal is to encourage women to create a balance in their lives and not forget that their dreams and aspirations are worth pursuing,” Yogi explained. “I am gathering experts in many different areas of art and talents to join us in our community to help each other grow,” she added.

Yogi expects to create a wide network of people from all over the world who will share information and guidance to help others use their own talents. The festival is just one of several events and venues she wants to create to showcase, highlight, and share women’s experiences with each other and the community.

“ The plan of Women of Our World is to have year-round workshops by people who are willing to give instructions on how to find yourself and your purpose,” Yogi explained. “It is an enhancement process that should take its place in society for the benefit of women who have done so much for our community and our families.”

In addition to being a fundraising event, Yogi believes the festival will create an example for young women, encouraging them to be involved in enhancing themselves personally while pursuing a career and other things in life.

“ It is to bring together the cultures that deserve recognition and respect for each other,” Yogi said. She continued: “It is also a way to improve the livelihood of individuals who have special talents by utilizing them through business, performance, or instruction.”




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