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by Kalamalama staff


Over the next eight months, HPU will embark on major changes to its academic divisions, President Chatt G. Wright announced in December.
“ This major reorganization is an excellent response to the economic downturn we face now and will likely face for the next few years,” said Wright. “Colleges and universities across the country are already responding to the immediate economic impact of what has happened to global markets, and HPU is not alone in preparing for potentially very difficult times ahead.”
Under the direction of Dr. John Kearns, Vice President of Academic Affairs, the reorganization has three components and will occur in two phases, with the first to begin this month.
1) The merger of the Center for Distance Education and the Military Campus Programs under a new department, the Office of Off-Campus Programs.
2) The merger of the present seven colleges into four.
3) The establishment of departments within the new colleges and the creation of department chair positions.
Phase one will focus on opportunities for enrollment growth, and according to Kearns, “Expanding distance learning is the first priority.” In a general memo to the HPU community, Kearns explained that this expansion will have an immediate impact on enrollment, and that to make it possible, “We need a more efficient and coordinated approach.” Under the reorganization, Bob Cyboron, currently MCP dean, will become associate vice president of Off- Campus Programs.
“ Under his [Cyboron’s] leadership, MCP has become increasingly integrated into the life of the main campus,” Kearns explained, adding that “distance learning is already part of his portfolio, since more than 60 percent of military students taking HPU courses do so via distance learning.” Current Dean of Distance Education Joe Schmiedl will become assistant vice president for Academic Programs.
Phase two will be implemented in July, said Kearns. The School of Nursing and the College of Natural Sciences will remain largely unaffected. The colleges of professional studies and business will merge as the College of Business Administration and Professional Services under the direction of a new Dean Aytun Ozturk. The colleges of communication, liberal arts, and international studies will become the College of Humanities and Social Sciences under the direction of the current Dean of Communication, Dr. Steven Combs. Bill Potter, interim dean of Liberal Arts, will serve as associate dean.
Dr. Gordon Jones, current dean of Professional Studies, and Dr. Vince Tsushima, currently assistant dean of Liberal Arts, will both return to the faculty. Dr. Carlos Juarez, current dean of International Studies, will serve as department chair for International Studies.


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