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by Kalamalama staff


HPU President Chatt G. Wright announced on Feb. 2 that the University would reduce its traditional three commencement exercises per year to two.
“ Graduation ceremonies scheduled for August 13 will not be held,” said Wright. “Students who had planned to walk in the August 13 Commencement may participate in either the May 2009 or January 2010 ceremony,” he added.
The President’s announced that for this year, at least, students who will not complete their coursework until after the summer terms will be allowed to walk early in the May graduation.
As part of the usual Petition to Graduate process, students should inform their academic advisors of their preferred ceremony date: May or January.
Students can get more information, as well as file Petitions to Graduate, in the appropriate Advising Center: Downtown Undergraduate Advising: 544-1198. Hawai‘i Loa Undergraduate Advising: 236-3578. Military Campus Programs: 544-1101. Graduate and Adult Services: 543-8034.
The deadline to file the petition to graduate and participate in the May graduation is March 6.




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