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by Melissa Lishman, student writer


HPU’s Center for Student Life held a karaoke contest Jan 30 on Fort Street Mall. Karaoke on the Mall was an effort to recruit contestants for HPU’s annual talent show, Da Freakshow, said Director of Residence Life, Beth Muina, who hosted the event.
“ We’re trying to discover the hidden talent of HPU students,” Muaina said.
Students had the opportunity to warm up or sing for fun until noon, while Muaina and Residence Life Coordinator, Becca Lopez, entertained viewers with dramatic performances to karaoke songs.
The actual contest was from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., and six students participated: four soloists—Joanne Badua, Ida Aronsen, Logan Connaroe, Dulcina Tincher—and a duo: Kathryn Newton and Jasmine Jackson. Each contestant was judged by a panel of judges. “They will be looking for quality, performance, and talent,” said Muaina.
Most participants had previous experience with karaoke and singing.
Badua, a business major who sang “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston, said she began singing at a young age and was excited about participating because, she added, her own karaoke machine had broken.
A public relations major, Aronsen, from Norway, got the panel dancing while she sang “Summer of ’69,” by Bruce Springsteen. A few people stopped to listen and to watch Aronsen, who said, “I love karaoke.”
The only male contender, Logan Connaroe, sang “Everything She Does is Magic,” by the Police.
Newton and Jackson moved the panel with their rendition of “Like a Virgin,” by Madonna.
The final contestant, Tincher, took home the first-place prize, a $50 gift card from Wal-Mart, after singing John Denver’s “Annie’s Song.”
Second place, a $25 gift card from Jamba Juice, went to Aronson, and the duo of Newton and Jackson took third place, a $15 I-Tunes gift card.



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